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This is "attachment love," so named by psychologists who know all too well that romantic infatuation must end, leading either to break-up and emotional anguish, or else it must evolve into a deep attachment, leading to harmony and emotional security. Knowing that Vepaja was an island, and always having in mind that some day I might wish to return to it, I had designed my ship with retractable pontoons as well as ordinary landing gear. Re: lines about Emily and Thou: It seems to me that all mystics eroticized their union with the divine. But at last we got to Amlot. Still, he cracks, there does come a day when the country boy needs to hightail it back to the city. When we had picked Taman up behind the enemy lines he had been returning from a most hazardous assignment upon which Muso had sent him, possibly in the hope that he would never return. They fought like a couple of icemen.
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OpEd: Ben Carson, Bad Biographies and The 'Redeemed Negro' Narrative

Amateur threesome wife pics. We were dropping rapidly when suddenly one of the grazing animals looked up; and, at sight of us, gave a loud snort of warning and went careening off across the plain. The attitude of the defenders of the city had been more friendly; but still I couldn't risk a landing there without knowing something about them, nor did it seem the part of wisdom to land in a beleaguered city that, from the number of its attackers, might be taken any day. He is clearly a man of faith. From a bush I gathered a number of large, waxlike leaves. Washington-esque moral rectitude. I took the leather envelope containing Muso's message from my pocket pouch, broke the seals, and opened it.
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oriana-poetry: ANNE CARSON ON LOVE

The animal was larger than an African elephant and had legs very similar to those of that animal, but here the likeness ceased. We want to know the disposition of the people here toward strangers, and if there is a city where we might be received hospitably. I had learned enough about the women to be reasonably certain that I would not arouse their suspicions, as their men are so self-effacing and the women ignore them so completely that a woman might recognize scarcely any of the men other than her mate; but I was not so sure about the men. The three tharbans had witnessed our ruse and were coming toward the tree, but when the running warrior women hove into sight out of the mouth of The Narrow Canyon the beasts paid no more attention to us, but turned their attention to the women instead. Fortunately for me the slave woman was still half asleep, and doubtless her principal concern at the moment was to get back to her slumbers. Dating for many years before marriage! As for myself, I asked him to introduce me as Carson of Venus.
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I was a little fearful that the defenders might become frightened at this strange craft were it to attempt a landing in the city, especially as this time we would be approaching from enemy country. The ship tied down, the hands returned to the fields; and Lodas led me to the house, two women who had run out to enjoy the excitement accompanying us. The hay was soft enough to lie on; but the seeds got in my ears and nose and mouth and under my harness and loincloth, and I almost suffocated beneath the pile of hay on top of me. The Sanarans manufactured both r-ray and T-ray bombs as well as incendiary bombs, and I made almost daily flights over the enemy lines and camp. I found the island Lodas had described and landed easily. As I did so, a number of men working in the fields dropped their tools and ran toward the house, from which several other persons came to observe the ship. They also helped the men with the making of sandals, loincloths, ornaments, and pottery.
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